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After a 22-month relationship with my girlfriend, things couldn’t get any better. I took her out on a surprise date! :D Let’s just start from the top… sleepy as fuhhh, but had to go to Debut practice which was pretty fun. There’s never a practice though where everyone is there. Always, always, always, someone is missing, or a couple is missing. But its ok. XD i guess. It was really fun as we all practiced our salsa dance. Then we all ate and the whole time, all I ate was fucking mangoes because Im a fatass with fruit. But, the whole day, I was looking forward to my date with @jenelleeycake. XD

If you personally know her, she loves memories and pictures. Just keep that in mind while you read this post. Anyways, she picked me up and then I drove so I can take her to a surprise place to eat for our date. I thought it would be cheesy if I were to take her to all the places we had history with, so I did. So first, I brought her to McDonalds! We used to eat there like twice a week over summer which was really unhealthy. She had her eyes closed the whole time and i told her to open it, and she saw McDonalds, she got dissappointed. XD

Then, I drove towards the restauraunt that we ate for our One-Year Anniversary. Again, she had her eyes closed and didnt know where we were going to eat. Then I told her, guess where we’re at!? And she unveiled her eyes and she saw, Chili’s! We ate here for our One-Year! At this point, she asked are we really eating here? Becuase I already tricked her about McDonalds, then I just say, NOPE! And drive off.

Next stop, a restauraunt we ate to for our 19-month. I parked to trick her but I didn’t turn off the car, but I told her to open her eyes. And she was all, Red Robin!? We’re going to eat here!? We went here for one of our anniversaries! :D Then I was just all like, nope! again. XD At this point, she was all like, “oh hell nom wtf.”

Then I was driving a little towards where we were really going to eat. Then I asked her, remember that place where we both promised each other where we were going to eat together? And she was like, which place? Then I gave her hopes up, “Wokcano’s baby!” then she said again, “are you serious this time!?” me again, “no, we’re not eating here.” then I did my little evil laugh laugh.

As I continued driving, she was really frustrated and so I told her, remember Five Guys!? We ate here for our 8-month!? She said yeah, then I told her we were eating there. LOL, she believed it because I made a turn as if I was finding parking. Then she told me she was dissappointed because the last thing she wants for our date is burgers. XD Then I tricked her again that we werent going to eat there.

HAHAHAHAHA, at this point, she was pretty pissed and annoyed and literally didnt know where I was going to take here to eat. It’s already been 5 restauraunts that I faked her out on. So I decided to finally park right next to Souplantation! Where I think we ate for our One-Year and One-Month Anniversary. HAHA, then I told her we were going to eat there and she got excited because it was salad and its healthy, yet, its still a buffet. Then she walked towards Souplantation, I asked her, “what are you doing?” she was all “what do you mean!?” then I told her… “we’re not eating at Souplantation!” XD LOLOL, she got so annoyed and I started walking the other way towards one of our favorite places….

The amazing place where we both love. We went here for my birthday last year AND for our 20-month! She expected Bj’s then looked overwhlemed because it’s pretty expensive for our budget, yet, looked excited. HAHA, then I walked her with her eyes clothes, and she LEGITEMATELY thought Bj’s then I told her to open her eyes. Then BOOM

LOL, we ended up eating at her favorite place that she loves so much she had to give it up for Lent and ended up breaking it because she ate it today. That place is fucking Chipotle. XD LOL, I know, all those fakeouts just to get at Chipotle. Believe it or not, that’s her favorite from all those restauraunts stopped by. She got so fucking happy and demoloshed a burrito and at the same time almost threw up becuase she was so damn full.

Afterwards, she had a really bad stomache ache and needed water. But first I knew how much my babe loves pictures and memories, so I told her… lets go to the Apple Store and take pictures! She got so damn happy so we went and outside our Apple Store, we have benches called “The Patios” at those patios was the place where we napped together in public and that picture ended up getting like 300+ notes and for us, thats a lot. So that spot was special to her. I had her sit there and I told her I needed to get something real quick and to STAY THERE.

What I got her was the dessert and drink that is our trademark dessert and drink because we both love it so much even though we had it once. I went to Velvet Cupcakes and got a Red Velvet cupcake, as well as Starbucks to get a Green Tea Frap! The same very dessert we had at those same patios. I saw her and I got her a water from Starbucks and I told her thats for her because she doesnt feel good. She thought that was the only thing I got her, BUT! I shocked her with the Green Tea and Red Velvet cupcake. She got so dam happy and demolished that shit as well. She’s so funny because after she finished it, she said “ok babe, no more food, Im getting fat.” LOL

Date over? I dont think so. See what had happened was that the night WAS NOT over and I wanted to take her to one of the best places we’ve been to. A place we both love with an amazing view and we went for the 4th of July last year. She had no idea I was going to take her there and thought I would take her to a park; but no, i was taking her to the same place we had our very first picnic at. What a way to end the night. Everything was… amazing.

I love you baby, and all the memories we created, you’re the light of my life. I love you with all of my heart and soul Jenelle Ashley Ylanan, Alcedo. <3 5510 Always and Forever… to Infinite&Beyond


  1. Our dinner at Red Robin!
  2. The onion ring tower she craved
  3. The Patios I was talking about
  4. The place where we had our first picnic.
  5. Amazing pizookie at Bj’s
  6. The cupcake and Green Tea when we had it the first time.