A Little Clarity, Please...


Jeremy Alcedo
17, OCT.29.94 2012 Graduate :P
R.I.P. Andrew Estrada ♥

Maybe it’s best if I just died.

I seriously think all the shit that happens with him, like right now for example is the the type of drama you’ll see in a fucking tv show or movie.

There’s too many problems.

You’re always drunk.
You’re always bringing up the past.
You’re always trying to make me feel guilty.
You’re always lying.
You’re always being a hypocrite.
You’re always saying senseless shit.
You’re always a problem.

My anger is so close to getting the best of me.

I need to calm down. This rage will be the end of me. I’m so angry. I’m so ready to blow up and scream and get my ass out of here. There were so many times where I was so ready to let it blow out of proportion. How do you have the audacity to do and say what you did. And then, pulling the whole thing of making me feel guilty again. How are you always going to do stupid shit just because I know what you’re doing is wrong. How can you even get off saying that shit to me and try talking to me like its all normal. LOL, then get mad at me for being mad at what you said. I’m so tired of this shit. IM SO FUCKING TIRED.

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I’m glad you are though.

I’m seriously just not happy


Best Kiss Cam. 

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